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3 Different Types of Professional Photo Editing Picsera Can Help You With

Not many people outside of the photography industry realize just how much work goes into successful, high-quality pictures. Often times people mistakenly assume that, especially in today’s day and age, the camera will essentially do all the work for you. Professional photographers know that that’s far from the truth.

In addition to the technical aspects and actual “moment capturing” of photo taking, there are various editing tasks that typically must be done before the product is ultimately declared finished. At Picsera, we pride ourselves in providing quality, effective, and efficient photo touch up services and editing to help busy photographers spend more time doing the more important tasks.

Our selection, organizational, and sharing products can help you save time with the logistics, but these photo editing and photo touch up services will help you with some of the more technical aspects of the job.

  1. Color Correction Services: Starting at just $0.29 per image, Picsera’s color correction services can help make your photos really pop off the page. In the standard package, our experts will adjust the pictures you take for things like color, exposure, contrast, vibrance, and clarity. If you opt for the Pro package, we will also straighten horizon lines, lens correction, cropping as needed, sharpening, and noise reduction.


  1. Professional Photo Styling: Picsera offers four different options when it comes to professional photo styling: Portrait film; Black and White; Sepia; and Classic Black and White. Each style has unique features that help to compliment and highlight various aspects of photos and will depend on subject matter and preference. For example, classic black and white is perfect for getting a traditional film grain look with strong blacks and sparkling whites of 400 ISO films.
  1. Professional Photo Retouching: No photo editing company would be complete without photo touch up services. Retouching can be a bit more in-depth and delicate process, which is why you’re going to want to trust our experts with such a task. From removing braces, fixing messy clothing appearances, or completely eliminating unwanted elements altogether, our retouching efforts can achieve remarkable things without disrupting the underlying spirit of a photo.


There are approximately 41.44 million photographers in the U.S. that make about $18 an hour, on average. Employment is projected to grow slightly, but it’s still a somewhat struggling profession overall. If you’re a professional photographer who has resisted the urge to outsource editing tasks due to quality or cost concerns, contact Picsera today. We’re confident we can work with you and make both of our businesses more successful in the process.