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Apparel Graphic Designer on Demand

Professional CAD, 3D Rendering and Retouching Services For Apparel and Footwear Brands

Outsource your own Apparel Graphic Designer when you need one

An Apparel Graphic Designer Who You Can Trust

World-Class 3D Apparel Graphic Designers

Picsera handpicked the most talented apparel graphic designers and retouchers to be part of the team. Each one has undergone a rigorous hiring process to ensure quality output each time. 

Scale Quickly on Demand

Focus on the more important business matters, leave the editing to the professionals. Picsera has a worldwide network of apparel graphic designers and retouchers who can give you a hand when you need them most.

Consistent Apparel Product Image Editing

Maintaining a consistent brand visual identity can be challenging. Picsera can help you create a unique but uniform look and feel across all of your visuals, regardless of who created them.

Low Rates For High-Value Image Editing

Consider the cost-benefit analysis of outsourcing an apparel graphic designer. You’ll be paying fees lower than the value our editing team can give your business. We offer affordable rates for high-quality photo editing and retouching.

Warp Speed Production

The retail industry is becoming more and more competitive. There is a growing demand for faster turnover of graphic design needs. You need a partner like Picsera that works 24/7 and delivers within hours, not weeks.

Amazing Image Quality

Your images speak volumes about your brand. An amazing visual experience builds trust and credibility. Picsera’s people, processes, and technology will give your business the visual experience you’ve been searching for.

Apparel Graphic Design Services

Picsera offers a wide range of apparel graphic design services including CAD, 3D Models and Renders, and Photoshop Retouching Services

apparel graphic designer

CAD Design

Let Picsera help you design your next collection using CAD technology. Whether it’s a blouse, a dress, or a pair of shoes, we can turn your ideas into reality. Just send us a sketch or a photo and your desired measurements. An apparel graphic designer from Picsera will transform your vision into a technical specification which you can then use to create photo-realistic 3D renders and share with potential customers.

3D Render

The retail industry has long used 3D model renders for an innovative product representation. From detailed photo-realistic renders, 360 product spins, 3D apparel configurators on eCommerce sites, to the creation of thousands of 2D apparel shots for each of your styles, colors, and sizes without picking up a camera.

apparel graphic designer

Advanced Retouching - Clothing Replacement

When it comes to apparel retouching, Picsera can do it all! From color replacements, image masking, pattern replacements, to digitally dressing models and mannequins. Send us your markups, brand guidelines, and images, and confidently wait for your outsourced apparel graphic designer from Picsera to give satisfying results fast.


If you’re selling on Amazon or any marketplace then you’ll want to have at least one infographic on your apparel design. Images are the first place where people go when they take a look at your products. However, images alone can’t say everything you need to get across. Or, it’s not always obvious to an onlooker of your listing. A creative infographic with important information and advanced graphics is what you need to drive your point home and encourage your online shoppers to hit the ‘Buy’ button.

apparel graphic designer
3D Render
3D Render

Running out of time to get a photographer hired to shoot your next collection? Give Virtual Photography a try! Send us a low res image of your item, a CAD file (if you have one), and the item dimensions, and our team of 3D artists will create a product shot that looks like it was created with a camera. It's the perfect solution when you have limited time, or you need to create thousands of variations of the same item in multiple colors and sizes.

Pattern Replacement
Pattern Replacement

Why ask a model to change into every single color and pattern of your next dress and spend many hours in the studio when you only need to photograph her once. Send Picsera one shot of the model wearing the dress in just one pattern and provide digital swatches of the other styles. We'll digitally replace the patterns and create all of your catalog and eCommerce images. You'll save time and money on photography and retouching, and you'll achieve more consistency and better quality overall.

Color Replacement
Color Replacement

Shoot once and change the colors multiple times. Less work, less headaches!

Color Matching
Color Matching

Trying to get colors to match? Send us a reference image of the accurate color and we'll get all items to match the target.

Adding Dimensions
Adding Dimensions

Reduce eCommerce returns caused by customers buying the wrong size by adding product dimensions to your items. Send us your images and a spreadsheet with the product dimensions and we'll take care of the rest.

Masking and Silhouette
Masking and Silhouette

Need transparent backgrounds for advertisements, product listings, and other artwork? We'll provide highly detailed clipping paths (within 1 pixel of the product edge) and super clean hair masking.

Apparel Retouching
Apparel Retouching

Remove tape, glue, wrinkles, spots and make your images look their best.

Model Retouching
Model Retouching

Bad skin? No worries! Think of Picsera as your virtual dermatologist. 🙂 Send us reference images that best demonstrate your brand's preferred look and we'll deliver models that match your style and brand guidelines.

Apparel Graphic Design Pricing

We provide custom quotes for all of our clients as there are three (3) primary variables that we take into consideration when providing you a quote.

  • Image Complexity (the time it takes to process one 1 image).
  • Quantity of Images – We provide volume discounts for large jobs.
  • The Turnaround Time – We quote rush fees for next day service.

For an exact quote, please click the Start Here button and upload some unedited files along with a reference image. Also, provide detailed notes on the work you need to be done to your images or your outsourcing needs on an ongoing basis.

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Company Facts


Years In Business

Picsera opened for business in August of 2014 and has been servicing customers ever since.


Jobs Completed

Since 2014, we’ve completed over 30,000 jobs


Completion Rate

99% percent of the jobs completed met customer expectations on the first attempt.



We service a wide range of customers, from commercial photography studios to large, multinational brands in a variety of industries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Product photos have a strong impact on a person’s buying behavior. Brands with good visuals have a higher chance of being noticed by new customers. Great product photos can not only catch their attention, but can also pique one’s interest. It’s an instant way to get the customers curious about what you are offering. 

A graphic designer’s job is to digitally manipulate the different elements of your product image. With apparel graphic design and image editing, a product can be enhanced and made to look perfect and flawless. Apparel designs also allow companies to offer an interactive element, such as infographics, spin product models, and personalizing product colors. The longer a potential customer stays on the website, the higher the chance that they purchase something from your shop.

An apparel graphic designer uses software and digital designing tools such as Adobe Illustrator and AutoCAD  to create new fashion designs. They can manipulate fabric and pattern prints to make various styles of different apparel items.

An Apparel Designer, on the other hand, creates the actual piece of clothing using different materials. It’s sometimes used interchangeably with the term “fashion designer”, but apparel designers execute the conceptualized designs. The difference is that graphic designers make the digital designs while apparel designers create the end product.

As a retail brand, you wouldn’t want to waste your time learning the ropes of Photoshop and CAD software. You don’t need to, because outsourcing an apparel graphic designer is an easy choice. Aside from being reasonably priced and professional beyond doubt, you’ll get a personalized feel. We understand that you have multiple products and want to keep a consistent brand imagery. Our experts know how to capture your brand voice and make it evident in the work they do. We will work until you are satisfied and confident with the images we produce. 

When you outsource your apparel design needs, you are actually saving more. Hiring in-house editors will cost more, even when you have consistent design needs. Picsera offers great prepaid rates or rates for multiple projects. You will only spend a fraction for the best editors that only produce top quality photos.

Picsera’s apparel graphic designers can create CAD designs from hand sketches or inspiration images provided by the clients. These CAD designs can either be 3D models or static product renders. We also offer color matching, color replacement, and digital fabric swatches that you can use for your product catalogue. Imagine finishing entire product catalogues at half the time and cost. If you have current fashion pictures, you can elevate it further through image retouching. Our team is composed of the best designers and editors that can take on any requirement. We make sure that you are paired with the most fitting editor with the expertise to handle your project.

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