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3D Furniture Rendering Services & More

Furniture 3D Models, CAD Services, and Photo Editing

Whether you need to outsource one graphics project or you need to hire your own dedicated 3D team, Picsera has got you covered. From CAD services to 3D furniture rendering services, you will find we're a one-stop shop for your product visualization needs.

Trust Picsera for 3D Furniture Rendering and CAD Services

We Serve Businesses of Any Size

3D Furniture Designers Who Understand You

All our professional 3D artists and editors have over 30 years of experience handling clients from various industries.

Flex and Scale on Demand

The experts that make Picsera the best are available on demand, so your business is assured a reliable partner whenever needed.

Amazing Visuals You'll Want to Share

Picsera delivers incredible visual experiences that build trust and credibility with prospects. 

Work Smarter and Faster

You need a partner like Picsera that works fast and delivers in a matter of days, not weeks. Get an instant upgrade for your visuals and ultimately, your brand.

Perfectly Consistent from Shot-To-Shot

Get consistent visuals on all your product images that remain true to your brand’s theme and voice.

Affordable Rates

The fees you pay us to create designs and visuals for commerce are very competitive. They cost less than building an in-house team or hiring freelancers yourself. 

Our 3D Furniture Rendering Services

Picsera's CAD and 3D rendering services make it possible to:

3D Viewer | 3D Modeling & Rendering Services | CAD Drawings | Picsera

360 degree product spins on white backgrounds with photorealistic quality

Give customers the ability to rotate products (from top to bottom and side to side) on eCommerce sites and mobile apps.

3D Animations for Advertisements and Product Pages

Illustrate the features and benefits of the different varieties your product has with animation. This interactive feature will help engage your customers, too.

Photorealistic 3D Render | 3D Services | Picsera

3D Furniture Models on White Backgrounds

Create standard 2D images on white at scale from 3D furniture models by creating a model one time and then creating all of the color variations and size options.

Picsera Virtual Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Create the perfect lifestyle shot showing the furniture in a real-life setting to entice the customers. As a result, they see the practicality and use of your product.

3D Product Configurator for eCommerce | Picsera
Click on image to see this configurator in action

3D Product Configurators

Allow online shoppers to configure product offerings by changing color, size, or any type of product feature that can be customized. It’s perfect for any type of product that comes in many variations.

Augmented Reality | 3D Services | Picsera

AR Shopping Experiences on Mobile Devices

Enable your customers to see how a product will “fit” within their home or office through AR (Augmented Reality) on their mobile device. Thus, a higher chance of converting to sales.

Furniture CAD Drawings | 3D Services | Picsera

CAD Services

Send us hand sketches, photos, or any design documents you have to help us understand your next product idea. We’ll create CAD drawings with the technical specifications your manufacturers require to start building a prototype. Or, skip the physical prototype and hire us to build a live, interactive 3D model that you can then share with potential customers. You’ll validate all of your market assumptions, but you’ll save a lot of time and money.

Office Chair


Infographics help potential customers appreciate all of the key features and benefits since most eCommerce shoppers look at product images first. Help them shop more efficiently and they’ll be happy to save the time from needing to read small texts in product descriptions.

Digital Fabric Replacement Furniture | Photo Editing | Picsera |

Fabric Replacement

Create thousands of variations of the same furniture by hiring us to digitally replace the fabrics on each of your items. Send us digital fabric swatches and we’ll digitally overlay the materials to create your entire product catalog.

Digital Color Replacement | Photo Editing | Picsera

Finish Replacement

Similar to fabric replacement, but with hard surfaces. Create just one high resolution image and send us digital swatches of the surface materials and we’ll create all of your variations. You’ll complete a product catalog in a quarter of the time and cost.

3D Furniture Rendering Services Pricing

Each job we work on has its own set of unique requirements. Therefore, we provide custom quotes for each of our clients. How much does Picsera's 3D rendering service cost?

Furniture CAD Services

Rates start at $100.00 per design for a basic item. Rates get higher as the complexity of the piece increases and they get lower on per unit basis with volume.

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Furniture 3D Models and Renders

Rates start at $250.00 per design for a basic item. Get in touch with us to discuss the exact type of 3D experience you wish to create.

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Furniture Image Editing

Rates start at $1.75 per image for high volume, bulk editing (background removal, cropping and resizing images, color correction, and image optimization for the web). Rates decrease as volume increases.

3D Animations

Pricing begins at $495 and depends on the duration of the animation and the number of custom 3D models required to complete the presentation.  

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3D Product Configurators

Picsera provides implementation services for the Expivi 3D Product Configurator and Augmented Reality toolkit.

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Custom Website Development

Picsera’s team of web developers are available to assist with customized integrations of the Expivi platform with your eCommerce site and mobile applications. Get in touch with us to discuss your project ideas.

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