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Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

For Jewelry Brands and Retailers

There’s a solution to all your struggles with creating a unique and amazing product visualization for your business. Picsera is your one-stop shop for jewelry photo retouching and 3D jewelry design. Hire Picsera to take care of the hard process for you!

Picsera Makes Product Visualization Easy with Jewelry Photo Retouching and 3D Design

Traditional photographs can’t capture the intricate details of precious gems and metals of jewelry. 3D product visualizations can. But you might think, isn’t that hard? Well, Picsera makes it easy for jewelry businesses to get 3D jewelry designs.

Team of Professionals Skilled in 3D Jewelry Design

We match your project needs with the best CAD jewelry designer that is up-to-date with all the latest techniques. Each member of our editing team has catered to thousands of clients over several years in their profession.

Consistency with Every Shot

Create your own brand identity and stick with it, even when you work with different editors and retouchers. Picsera can capture your style and create consistent images that are in line with your current brand voice and theme.

Fast but Accurate Image Production

Picsera works fast without compromising the quality of the project. With the growing demands of retail businesses, we want you to keep up with the pace. Receive the final images within days and not weeks. In a rush? Picsera can handle it!

Budget-Friendly Pricing

We want you to maximize the benefits of jewelry photo retouching services and 3D jewelry design by offering affordable rates. We cater to big and small businesses alike. Spend less than hiring an in-house team.

Scale Quickly on Demand

There’s no need to slow down during peak seasons because you can rely on Picsera to keep up to speed. You can focus on providing quality jewelry while we focus on providing quality 3D jewelry design. Scale your business quickly and grow your market with our help. Take advantage of the demand and gain more loyal customers.

An Elevated Visual Experience

Jewelry images can make or break a sale, so give your potential customers an enticing visual experience. Command respect from the market by putting out only the best jewelry designs and images that we can help create for you.

Jewelry Photo Retouching Services and 3D Jewelry Design

Picsera offers a wide range of graphic design services including CAD, 3D Modeling & Renders, and Image Retouching

CAD Design

Let Picsera help you design your next piece of jewelry using CAD software. Whether it’s a ring, necklace, bracelet, charm, watch, we can help you make your vision a reality. All we need from you is a sketch or a photo and measurements. This will enable us to turn your idea into a photo-realistic 3D model which you can use to create a prototype to share with potential customers and manufacturers.

cad jewelry design services

3D Models & Renders

If you’re selling custom designs or allowing your online shoppers to personalize items through a 3D product configurator on your eCommerce site, you’ll need a photorealistic 3D model and render of your design.  Send us a CAD file of your jewelry design (or we can create it for you), and we’ll create both interactive and static 3D renders which you can share via eCommerce, email, mobile apps, and social media.

jewelry photo retouching services

High-End Photo Retouching

Creating beautiful jewelry imagery is an art, but you don’t have to be an artist to get amazing results.   Send us straight out-of camera high-resolution images and our seasoned jewelry retouchers will work their magic to make your images look like they belong on the Tiffany website.   

jewelry photo retouching services

Jewelry Photography Coaching via Zoom

The secret to great jewelry photography is two things: great lighting and great retouching. With today’s modern cameras and a jewelry lightbox, anyone can be trained to capture sharp and properly exposed jewelry images.  Picsera provides jewelry photography classes via Zoom. If you have (or can acquire) a basic understanding of photography, a DSLR camera, macro lenses, a tripod, and a jewelry lightbox, please get in touch with us to learn more.



We provide custom quotes for all of our clients as there are three (3) primary variables that we take into consideration when providing you a quote.

  • Image Complexity – The time it takes to process one 1 image.
  • Quantity of Images – We provide volume discounts for large jobs.
  • The Turnaround Time – We quote rush-fees for next day service.

For an exact quote click here and upload some unedited files along with a reference image. Also, provide detailed notes on the work you need to be done to your images or your outsourcing needs on an ongoing basis.

Jewelry CAD Design

As low as $100.00 per for a basic item. Rates get higher as the complexity of the piece increases.

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Jewelry 3D Model & Renders

As low as $250.00 for a basic item. Rates rise as the level of detail required in the render increases.

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High End Image Retouching of Gold & Diamonds

Rates as low as $10.00 per image for basic retouching of items with few stones and less detail. Rates increase as the level of quality and resolution required in the final output increases.

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Jewelry Clipping Paths and White Backgrounds 

Volume service to place items on white backgrounds and optimize images for the web. (crop, resize, and compress images). Rates as low as $1.00 without clipping paths and $2.50 with clipping paths

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Group 60
Gold Retouching
Gold Retouching
Diamond Retouching
Diamond Retouching
Gold Color Changes
Gold Color Changes
Stone Configuration
Stone Configuration Changes
3D Render
3D Render

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Jewelry Photo Retouching and CAD Jewelry Design?

It’s hard to capture the tiny details on jewelry pieces, but this attention to detail is what’s needed for customers to fully appreciate your product.  With jewelry photo retouching services, you’ll be able to enhance the features of your product capture on the picture. Retouching jewelry is not the same as retouching any other product or model photo. High-end photo retouching is imperative because the tiny details can’t fully be captured on picture, so the editor’s job is to make those features stand out as much as they can. 

CAD technology, or computer-aided design, has been used to create designs for several industries including jewelry and accessories. The misconception that this replaces the craftsmanship of jewelry-making is absurd. CAD just gives them another avenue to express their creative ideas for jewelry designing. Instead of doing trial and error in creating prototypes, this software lets the jewelry CAD designer make all the adjustments before creating physical models. Traditionally, creating jewelry requires hand-carved wax blocks, which only the most skilled jewelers can do. With this advancement, you can create intricate designs with a computer faster. You can even get symmetrically accurate up to the micron level. Why is this important? Well, the most intricate jewelry designs are usually the most expensive, crafted from the most precious stones and materials. You wouldn’t want to use any of these scarce resources without finalizing your design first.

What are the Benefits of 3D Jewelry Design for Product Visualization?

More than saving time and resources for creating new designs, using 3D jewelry design can help upgrade your product visualizations. If your traditional photographs just won’t cut it, you can use 3D designs to show all the intricate details of your pieces. You can manipulate all the elements of an image to avoid lackluster jewelry photos. Show your potential customers your products in its entire beauty by highlighting all of its notable features and enhance its shine and color. Anyone who comes across your website or ad will be mesmerized and lured to examining the product further.

Instead of boring photos that don’t really show a high-definition resolution of your product, show them close-up the beauty of your jewelry. No matter how small or thin the product is, the customer can still examine and appreciate it closely. Lifestyle shots are great, but when a buyer is shopping online, they would want a clearer image of the product before they buy it.

Why Should I Outsource Jewelry Photo Retouching Services and 3D Jewelry Design to Picsera?

Picsera offers a wide array of jewelry design services fit for any jewelry business size and need. We take care of matching you with the best CAD jewelry designer and editor that can handle your project skillfully. Aside from CAD design, Picsera also offers 3D rendering and modeling that will help you elevate your website, ads, and product catalogues in an instant. The editors in charge of jewelry photo retouching services have a keen eye for detail and can make your product photographs seem like they are taken from the most expensive jewelry brands. Not sure how to capture high-resolution images that would look amazing after post-edits? We also offer photo coaching classes via Zoom that anyone with a DSLR and basic knowledge of photography can follow.

Thinking of hiring your own in-house CAD jewelry designers? Save yourself from the stress and extra cost and hire Picsera only whenever needed! Your jewelry business deserves the best editors with the experience to back guaranteed amazing results each time. We take care of everything for you, all you’ll have to do is provide the necessary images and details. We will work closely with you to ensure that we execute your ideas perfectly.

How Much Will it Cost me to Outsource to Picsera?

We provide custom quotes depending on 3 factors: the complexity of the project, the quantity of images required, and the deadline. Basic jewelry retouching services start at $1.00 for volume projects of placing products on white background without clipping paths. High-end jewelry photo retouching services start at $10.00 while basic jewelry CAD designs start at $100.00. For more intricate projects like jewelry 3D renders and models, rates start at $250.00.

You can refer to our pricing scheme here.

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