Jewelry CAD, 3D, & Photo Retouching Services

For Jewelry Brands and Retailers

Don’t struggle to create high quality designs and product visuals for your online stores, catalogs, and social media marketing. Picsera is your one-stop shop for CAD design, 3D renders, and retouching.

Picsera's CAD, 3D, and Retouching Services Makes Visual Content Marketing Easy for Jewelers

Photographing Small Pieces Made of Gold & Diamonds is Really Hard. Creating Photorealistic 3D Product Visualizations of Jewelry is Even Harder. Picsera Makes it Easy for Jewelry Businesses to Get 3D Designs and Product Visuals.

A Team of 3D Jewelry Designers & Image Retouchers Who You Can Trust

Your business needs highly skilled Photoshop experts to compete in today’s visual-centric world. Picsera provides Top Talent Photo Retouchers with years of experience.

Consistency from Shot to Shot

Maintaining consistency and your brand’s visual identity can be challenging. Picsera can help you create a consistent look and feel across all of your visuals, regardless of who created them.

Warp Speed Production

Your jewelry business can’t wait too long for new product shots.  You need a partner like Picsera that works fast and delivers in a matter of days, not weeks.

Affordable Rates

When you consider the advantages of using a professional on-demand service like Picsera, you’ll realize that the fees you pay us to create designs and visuals for commerce are far less than building an in-house team.

Scale Quickly on Demand

Your in-house team can’t handle the increased workloads during peaks or the seasonal rush. You need a partner that can give you designers and retouchers when you need them most.

Amazing Image Quality

Your jewelry images speak volumes about your brand. An amazing visual experience builds trust and credibility. Picsera’s people, processes, and technology will give your business the visual experience you’ve been searching for.

Jewelry Design Services

Picsera offers a wide range of graphic design services including CAD, 3D Modeling & Renders, & Image Retouching

  • CAD Design
  • 3D Models & Renders
  • High-End Retouching
  • Zoom Photo Coaching

CAD Design

Let Picsera help you design your next piece of jewelry using CAD software. Whether it’s a ring, necklace, bracelet, charm, watch, we can help you make your vision a reality. All we need from you is a sketch or a photo and measurements. This will enable us to turn your idea into a photo-realistic 3D model which you can use to create a prototype to share with potential customers and manufacturers.

3D Models & Renders

If you’re selling custom designs or allowing your online shoppers to personalize items through a 3D product configurator on your eCommerce site, you’ll need a photorealistic 3D model and render of your design.  Send us a CAD file of your jewelry design (or we can create it for you), and we’ll create both interactive and static 3D renders which you can share via eCommerce, email, mobile apps, and social media.

High-End Photo Retouching

Creating beautiful jewelry imagery is an art, but you don’t have to be an artist to get amazing results.   Send us straight out-of camera high-resolution images and our seasoned jewelry retouchers will work their magic to make your images look like they belong on the Tiffany website.   

Jewelry Photography Coaching via Zoom

The secret to great jewelry photography is two things: great lighting and great retouching. With today’s modern cameras and a jewelry lightbox, anyone can be trained to capture sharp and properly exposed jewelry images.  Picsera provides jewelry photography classes via Zoom. If you have (or can acquire) a basic understanding of photography, a DSLR camera, macro lenses, a tripod, and a jewelry lightbox, please get in touch with us to learn more.


We provide custom quotes for all of our clients as there are three (3) primary variables that we take into consideration when providing you a quote.

  • Image Complexity (the time it takes to process one 1 image).
  • Quantity of Images – We provide volume discounts for large jobs.
  • The Turnaround Time – We quote rush-fees for next day service.

For an exact quote, click here and upload some unedited files along with a reference image. Also, provide detailed notes on the work you need to be done to your images or your outsourcing needs on an ongoing basis.

Jewelry CAD Design

As low as $100.00 per for a basic item. Rates get higher as the complexity of the piece increases.

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Jewelry 3D Model & Renders

As low as $250.00 for a basic item. Rates rise as the level of detail required in the render increases.

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High End Image Retouching of
Gold & Diamonds

Rates as low as $10.00 per image for basic retouching of items with few stones and less detail. Rates increase as the level of quality and resolution required in the final output increases.

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Jewelry Clipping Paths and White Backgrounds 

Volume service to place items on white backgrounds and optimize images for the web. (crop, resize, and compress images). Rates as low as $1.00 without clipping paths and $2.50 with clipping paths

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Gold Retouching
Diamond Retouching
Gold Color Changes
Stone Configuration Changes
3D Render

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