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Professional 3D Rendering Services

For eCommerce, Architecture, Education, and More...

The popularity of 3D for architectural rendering has caught up with the other industries as well. From 3D rendering services for interior design to 3D animation for product visualization, many businesses have adopted this innovative process.   

What are 3D rendering services? Short answer: it’s a quick process to create 3D models for your business for a major upgrade.


Outsource one job at a time or hire your own dedicated team- Picsera has service plans for businesses of all sizes.

Benefits of 3D Rendering

3D Renderings are becoming the new standard because of the many advantages over traditional product shots. So, here are 6 benefits that should convince you to get 3D rendering services instead:

Create Visuals at Warp Speed

Create hundreds of product visuals within a few days. It’s the same time it would take a traditional photoshoot to create a catalogue for a single product.

No Shipping and Handling of Heavy Items, No Studio Rentals

Save money on studio rentals or shipping costs to bring your products to the photoshoot. You can even sell the item instead of sending it to a studio.

Endless Flexibility

Make last minute product design changes without the need to reshoot the products. Also, you avoid wasting inventory on creating another product for photos.

Validate Market Assumptions Before Building Products

Get market feedback without the need to spend on manufacturing. For instance, you can adjust your product specifications according to their opinions before you start mass production.

Perfectly Consistent from Shot-To-Shot

Achieve a higher degree of consistency in your product visuals. Elements such as lighting, angles, reflections, and shadows are easier to control and manipulate in the digital realm.

Create High Fidelity Visuals in the Most Cost Effective Manner

Create aesthetically pleasing images with high-quality, hyper-realistic 3D renderings that only show the best features and angles of a product. Hence, getting the perfect image of your product.

Our 3D Rendering Services

Picsera's 3D Furniture Rendering Service makes it easy on you! We can turn one single 3D model into 6 types of visual experiences:

3D Viewer | 3D Modeling & Rendering Services | CAD Drawings | Picsera

360 degree product spins on white backgrounds with photorealistic quality

Give your customers the ability to rotate products (from top to bottom and side to side) on websites and mobile apps.

3D Animations for Advertisements and Product Pages

Illustrate the features and benefits of complex products in a creative way. Use animations to show the other varieties you offer.

Photorealistic 3D Render | 3D Services | Picsera

Product Images on White Backgrounds

Have a 3D model at scale on a white background so you can use the same model to create the other size and color variations.

Picsera Virtual Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Create the ultimate lifestyle image without having to travel to a faraway destination, rent a studio, or ship and handle heavy objects.

3D Product Configurator for eCommerce | Picsera
Click on image to see this configurator in action

3D Product Configurators

Allow online shoppers to configure product offerings by changing color, size, or other customizable feature, which is perfect for products that come in many variations.

Augmented Reality | 3D Services | Picsera

AR Shopping Experiences on Mobile Devices

Enable customers to see how a product will look within their home or office through an AR (Augmented Reality) experience on their mobile device.

Home Goods
Home Goods
Sporting Goods
Sporting Goods

Picsera's 3D Rendering Services are Second to None

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Get the 3D visualization experience that’s best for your business. You can rely on our pool of experts and years of experience from working with various industries.

A Time-Tested Process

A Time-Tested Process…
That Works

We’ve been following the same structured process for years. Therefore, you can maximize the benefits of 3D rendering with our tried and tested techniques.

Collaboration Made Easy

Collaboration Made Easy

Easily collaborate with our team through a convenient online platform. In addition, you can request for revisions and provide feedback to your dedicated 3D team.

Fast Turnaround Times

We Work Extremely Fast

We are very responsive to all inquiries and quotation requests. Furthermore, most projects are completed in a matter of days without compromising on the quality of the project. 

3d design and Image Eding services
Quality That Matches Up with Your Business Needs

Get amazing high-quality, photorealistic 3D renderings that still load quickly in a web browser or mobile app. Enhance your brand’s presence in an instant.

Affordable Rates for 3d design and image editing services

Affordable Rates and
Exceptional Value

Our pricing structure has remained competitive and enticing throughout the years. Additionally, you get free access to a responsive account manager for all your needs even with affordable rates.

How Much do our 3D Rendering Services Cost?

Each 3D project we work on has its own set of unique requirements. Therefore, we provide custom quotes for each project.

Rates for low complexity models can be as low as $100.00 per model.

  • Optional services we offer are quoted separately
  • Additional High-Res Images for other camera angles
  • Animations (Video/Gif Files)
  • Development of 3D product configurators
  • Website development to support the delivery of 3D Models on your site or via a mobile app

An example of a low complexity model is a desk lamp.

Simple: $100-$150
Medium: $151-$250
Advanced: $251-$350
Ultra Complex: $351-$450
Architectural Renders
of Interiors/Exteriors:

*Rates include 1 interactive model and 1 static photorealistic render, JPG image.

We also offer monthly or yearly quotes for companies who need to outsource modeling and rendering services on an ongoing basis. Again, we remain to be competitive with regards to pricing.

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