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High End Portrait Retouching Services

For Portrait Photography Studios

Outsource portrait retouching services whenever needed. Picsera has service plans for all business sizes that want to grow their photography studios.

Successful Photographers Outsource Portrait Retouching

Professional photographers have the ability to make their clients look picture-perfect rockstars. Your clients are everyday people that have natural flaws captured with a camera. With portrait retouching, you can easily make them look their best by correcting these small flaws. However, image retouching is time consuming and gets in the way of growing the business. So, how do you succeed if you're limited on time? Outsource your photo editing needs to Picsera!

Reliable Team of Photo Editors

Hire Picsera, but stay in control! You’re the art director and you know best what your client needs. Tell us your vision and we’ll make it happen.



Sell More Prints

Your clients will be proud to display a portrait photo if they look flawless, perfect, and all made up in the picture. Make them look like celebrities and watch how fast your print sales grow! The more they love the way they look, the more copies they’re sure to get.

Deliver Faster and Increase Customer Satisfaction

People want to receive their images ASAP after a shoot, so we won’t make you wait. Within a few days, you’ll receive high-quality photos that you’ll be happy to show your clients. Improve client satisfaction so you get more referrals!

Affordable Rates, Tremendous Value

You get personalized customer service from a US Based account manager without the added charge. Pay less for more value while working with our professional editing service. 

On Demand Portrait Retouching Services

Avoid the stress and extra cost of keeping an in-house assistant on your payroll. Outsource with Picsera so you can pay for digital photo retouching services only when needed.



Elevate Your Brand and Build Credibility

Images speak volumes about you and your business. Take advantage of what Picsera can do for you. Command respect, build more trust, and improve credibility with customers and potential clients.

Our Portrait Retouching Services

Picsera offers 4 Levels of Service

Level 1 Essential Portrait Retouching Service

Our basic portrait retouch combines color correction and retouching into one complete package. We’ll color balance the image, fix minor flaws, and enhance facial skin and teeth.

color correction services
portrait retouching photoshop

Level 2 Artistic Portrait Retouching Service

Includes all the features from our Essential Portrait Retouch (color correction and retouching) PLUS a more complex retouching and artistic styling. This service provides up to 1 head swap per image and provides some light body contouring.

Level 3 Extensive Portrait Retouching Service

The Extensive retouching service is for those special situations when the image needs some more time such as removing braces, removing heavy wrinkles in clothing, or extending the background. This service provides up to 2 head swaps per image.

portrait retouching services
photoshop portrait retouching

Level 4 - Custom Retouching

Level 4 – Custom Retouching

Retouching & Composite

Sarah Petty Photography individually photographed this team of real estate agents. Picsera performed skin retouching, light body contouring, and created the group shot.

Custom Retouching for Hand Painted Portraiture

William Branson, III, of Nashville creates fine art painting and photography portraiture. Picsera composites and retouches imagery before hand-painting begins.


Sarah Petty Photography individually photographed each child and provided artwork for the final image. Picsera created the group shot.

Essential Portrait Retouching

Keepsake Portraits trusts Picsera for the essential portrait retouching activities: skin softening, stray hair removal, eye sharpening, and removal of any small distractions.

Artistic Portrait Retouching

Leighton DaCosta Photography trusts Picsera for headshots.

Pricing for Portrait Retouching Services

We provide custom quotes for all of our clients as there are three (3) primary variables that we take into consideration when providing you a quote.

  • Image Complexity (the time it takes to process one 1 image).
  • Quantity of Images – We provide volume discounts for large jobs.
  • The Turnaround Time – We quote rush fees for next day service.

For an exact quote, click the Start Here button and upload your project files along with an inspirational image. Please provide detailed notes on the work you need done for this job, or your outsourcing needs on an ongoing basis.

Level 1 Essential Portrait Retouching

Starting at $5.00 per image

Request a quote

Level 2 Artistic Portrait Retouching

Starting at $10.00 per image

Request a quote

Level 3 Extensive Portrait Retouching

Starting at $15.00 per image

Request a quote

Color Correction Services

Volume service to process RAW files for color and exposure corrections.

Rates starting at $0.50 per image with a minimum of 100 images per order.

Rates as low as $0.15 per image for 1,000 images or more.

Request a quote

Company Facts


Years In Business

Picsera opened for business in August of 2014 and has been servicing customers ever since.


Jobs Completed

Since 2014, we’ve completed over 30,000 jobs


Completion Rate

99% percent of the jobs completed met customer expectations on the first attempt.



We service a wide range of customers, from commercial photography studios to large, multinational brands in a variety of industries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Portrait retouching is the process of removing the small defects in an image that initial photo editing did not correct. This technique helps remove the unnecessary elements on an image and correct the natural imperfections of the models. It can also be used to manipulate certain factors such as face and body width, skin color and smoothness, etc. It improves the final version of the photo by enhancing the overall look of the model. This is the final step to add any finishing touch to an edited image.

This is very popular among many professional photographers because it’s the best way to create perfect pictures. If initial photo editing does not cut it, image retouching can help improve the finished product. With retouching, the beauty of an image is enhanced. This can help you showcase your photography skills while magnifying the beauty of your clients. It’s normal to have flaws even make-up can’t cover. For example, photo retouching can help smoothen any wrinkles and hide any blemish on your face. It’s normal for clients to want retouched images that show them at their best. In fact, many publications prefer highly-retouched images that amplify their model’s best features. 

Aside from instantly elevating your raw takes, retouching can also help you save time and money. For example, the photographer notices a small blur caused by a tiny dust on the lens. Instead of reshooting, the image can be retouched to remove this defect. 

Portrait retouching can help you hit that sweet spot to make your clients love your photographs even more. The higher the satisfaction rating, the more clients you attract. Whether it’s by word-of-mouth or by your portfolio, professionally retouched images will make your brand stand out.

It takes time to master photo retouching, and with business, time is gold. Instead of wasting time learning the ropes of editing, you can use it to polish skills you are best at- taking photographs. You don’t need to spend time editing your takes. Focus on getting more clients and doing more shoots. Grow your business and leave all the post-editing to the professional editors. You will get more sales when you have more time to do more shoots.

Thinking of hiring an in-house team? That’s an added stress to your business. Hiring more people will mean having more people to manage. Aside from extra cost, it’s an extra responsibility for your business. Why hire when you can outsource for a hassle-free editing process? You’ll get top-notch portrait retouching services at such affordable rates. Pay for photo retouching services only when you need them.

Picsera is the go-to photo editing and retouching company of professional photographers since 2014. Our clientele consists of many long-term clients whom we have been working with for over 5 years now. Real customer reviews show how we “are responsive and can be counted on to deliver consistently good work” because we respect our client’s business. According to another satisfied client, “we take the pictures and they do the rest”. We want to relieve the client of as much editing as possible because we want to give them more time for their craft.

Our diverse team of photoshop experts are specialized in different types of photo retouching services. Our team consists of clipping math and masking experts, color, skin, and hair specialists, and photo stylists. So, each project is matched with an editor that has expertise in the client’s editing requirements. You don’t need to interview editors every time you have a project requirement because it’s already part of our internal process. We determine the best editor for your project to ensure that you get the best quality of portrait photos.

Aside from a matched photo editor, each client is also assigned a dedicated US-based account manager. They are available to answer queries or give progress reports about their image retouching requirements via Zoom, call, or chat.

Our photo retouching services are fairly priced, starting from $5.00 per image up to $15.00, depending on the complexity of the editing requirement. Our rates for bulk projects for color correction services start at $0.15 per image for 1,000 images. Customers who purchase credits (pre-pay for work) enjoy discounted rates. Check our pricing above.

 Are you still having second thoughts about outsourcing your photo retouching needs? With such appealing rates, you get professionally edited portrait photos while having more time for your business. Even if you are technically spending money for another expert to retouch your pictures, you will be earning more with better quality photos. You also have more time to accept more photoshoot projects. While you are taking away the stress of editing, you can grow your business at the same time.

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