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3 Reasons Professional Photographers Need to Be On Instagram

When many professional photographers think of the social media photo publishing site and application Instagram, they probably think of “selfies” and hipsters posting pictures of their food. While this stereotype certainly has a basis in reality, social media platforms and Instagram in particular, are becoming an increasingly important asset for professional photographers looking to expand and improve their own business and operations as well. It’s no longer just social. When used properly, apps like Instagram can actually help make you money. Instagram can be used in many different ways.  Obviously, its a great forum to share your best images, but don’t make that the only focus.  Your followers would love customer-based images.  Get permission from your old clients to post their picture and comment on it.  Another good technique is to show behind-the-scenes.  Have a particularly complicated lighting setup for a shoot?  Snap it with your phone and post it.  Show what it takes to get those great images! While employment of photographers is projected to grow over the next few years, it’s not expected to do so very rapidly (recent estimates put it around 3% from 2014 to 2024). In fact, the growth of this industry is expected to be slower than the average for all occupations. Whether you’re looking to get hired into a lucrative, salaried position with a big firm or just want to increase your personal entrepreneurship, photo publishing on Instagram can help people who specialize in picture taking and professional photo editing services do just that. Here are three ways how.
  1. Free and Popular Platform: The first, and most obvious, reason professional photographers should use Instagram as a photo publishing outlet is simply because it’s free and a lot of people use it. Why wouldn’t you want a place to put up virtually as many pictures as you can take, free of charge, where the entire world can see them? According to one recent study, professional photographs were twice as likely as user-generated photographs to be shared.
  1. Networking and Connections: Along the same lines is the countless opportunities for connection and networking that open themselves up to you when you engage in regular social media use on a platform like Instagram. Chances are good that if you use Instagram long enough (and correctly), you’ll stumble upon project opportunities you otherwise would have known nothing about. All it takes is the right person to see your picture, and next thing you know they’re calling your office to schedule an appointment.
  1. Easy and Efficient: In terms of overall usability, Instagram is an incredibly easy photo publishing tool. Whether you’re taking pictures with your professional camera equipment or snapping some quick shots with your cell phone, Instagram lets you upload and share pictures with ease.
An online photo publishing platform like Instagram is one great, easy, and free way to expand your reach and grow your business! Let Picsera help optimize your posts!