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Picsera Releases Adobe Lightroom Catalog & Dropbox Integration

Making Professional Photographers Lives Easier with Top-Notch Editing Services

Picsera announces the release of their new Adobe Lightroom feature that seamlessly integrates with Dropbox, drastically reducing upload time for post-production editing services. Picsera’s new catalog for Adobe Lightroom further improves a photo business’s efficiency by making organization easy.

“Our master catalog will help you work more easily and smoothly with our post-production services,” said Janice Wendt, Picsera’s head of education and renowned retouch artist. “With our catalog you’ll always know how it’s organized. So there is consistency when working with Picsera.”

Picsera’s special Lightroom Catalog is a free download from our website. Drag and drop features allow photographers to choose images for custom selects retouching, social media, and album design.

“In our Album Design section you can drag and drop cover images or images for a double-page spread,” said Wendt. “You don’t need to design your own album. Just tell us those images that you want us to feature.”

Photographers can maximize their time by delegating image enhancement activities to Picsera’s image experts. Picsera’s team of photo editors and retouchers have more than 30 years of combined experience with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and other leading tools on the market.

“You can also use the Picsera’s Lightroom Catalog to tell us which images you want us to custom retouch,” said Wendt. “To use the different levels of retouching, all you need to do is drag and drop.”