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Case Study: Pattern Swapping

How Picsera Helped an LA Designer Shoot New Fashion Photos During COVID-19 Lockdowns

The Challenge

Like many companies challenged to maintain day to day operations during the lockdowns of COVID-19, an LA fashion designer and maker of ladies apparel struggled to find photographers, models, and stylists during the Spring of 2020 when they needed to complete the look book photos and ecommerce product images for their Fall collection.

COVID-19 has pushed companies everywhere to accelerate digital transformation and to learn to get things done using technology and digital based approaches. When conventional photography was no longer an option, the company hired Picsera to help them create their fashion photos using a completely virtual workflow.

3 Visual Content Milestones Achieved During COVID-19

  • Created their 2020 look book and ecommerce photos without photographers, models, stylists, and studio rentals.
  • Delivered the look book and ecommerce photos to retailers two weeks ahead of schedule despite a very late start due to COVID-19 lockdowns
  • Realized the power and flexibility that 3D Models and 3D Renders provide to a fashion designer

The Solution

Customer provided Picsera with digital swatches of their Fall 2020 fabrics, CAD files of their latest designs, and their 2019 look book images which were shot on location with models. Using 3D modeling software and a team of 4 3D artists, Picsera digitally created the 2020 lookbook by creating 3D models of the new styles and then placing them on last year’s photos. The entire process from start to finish lasted about 3 business days as Picsera was able to put in place 2 separate teams who were working 2 shifts for a total of 16 hours per day.

Using 3D Modeling Software to create new fashion photos without a camera

Input Files:

The client provided these input files. The image of the model on the left and the digital swatches (CAD files) of the fabrics so we could create the other style variations of the blouse on the model.

3D Modeling Services Miami FL
3D Modeling Services

Output Files

Using a process called pattern swapping and 3D software, Picsera’s 3D Artists created new styles of the blouse as seen below.  Notice how the wrinkles and shadows present in the original image are maintained in the output files.

3D cad services Miami FL
3D cad services
3D cad design services Miami FL
3D Modeling Services Miami

Shoot and Strip

When shooting on a model is simply not an option, Picsera helps clients who are able to shoot on mannequins place their garments on models in post-production using another technique called Shoot and Strip.

3D cad services Miami
3D cad design services Miami
3D cad design services

The customer provided the image of the model wearing a grey sweater and denim as well as the image of the mannequin of the maroon sweater and plaid pants. Picsera placed the model into the maroon sweater and plaid pants.

In the example below the customer was not able to shoot on a model or a mannequin due to time constraints. They needed the model wearing the orange shirt and denim to be shown wearing the green sweatshirt and sweatpants. They provided us with all three input files below and we created the final output.

Input Files to the Process


Case Study Pattern Swapping
Pattern Swapping
3D cad design
3D cad design services

The Results

  • Picsera’s customer created their 2020 lookbook and Fall Collection photos using 3D Models and 3D Renders in half the time that it took to create the 2019 catalog and for about 1/3 of the cost of the 2019 photography expense. The primary reason for the huge savings was the lack of travel and studio rentals.
  • The retailers were very pleased with the quality of the photography and the brand’s ability to deliver imagery ahead of schedule.
  • The customer plans to use 3D modeling and rendering to quickly prototype new styles and to provide retailers with interactive, and immersive visual experiences for their online stores and in-store displays, as well as Augmented Reality “virtual” try ons done through mobile phones.

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