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Don’t Miss Pose It, Light It, Love It, with Clay Blackmore

And, Recive Blackmore’s FREE Posing Guide

If you’re a photographer looking to improve your portrait skills and consistency, this is a must see webinar!

August 11, 2015
2 p.m. Eastern,
11 a.m. Pacific

During the webinar Blackmore will give his secret to “Batting 1,000”. Also we’ll have details on how to get a FREE Posing Guide with 15 of Blackmore’s favorite images and tips on how you can achieve the same results.

The Posing Guide includes 15 of Blackmore’s favorite photos, camera information and a detailed description of his technique. For example, for this blog post Blackmore offered these examples and these tips on shooting the wedding.

The Thursday before the wedding Clay was in the backyard of the mother of the bride shooting bridal portraits for the young bride-to-be, Barri. Her mother mentioned to Clay that she wanted her daughter to be able to have a timeless, classic bridal portrait as she once had.

Timelessly Classic Bridal Pose
Timelessly Classic Bridal Pose

The entire bridal portrait was taken with the conveniently portable, and amazingly powerful, Canon Speed Lights… Current flash setup to capture the stunning bridal portraits.

Once the Clay was confident he had captured the elegant portraits the bride would be looking for, the two started playing around with other techniques. Using infrared photography, Clay captured the soon to be favorite image of the wedding so far!

Favorite Pose, Using Infrared
Favorite Pose, Using Infrared

The day before the wedding, Clay had sent the bride, groom and their families the photos from the previous day’s photo shoot. They were all beyond themselves with how gorgeous the photos were!

Between Clay’s talent and the bride’s classic look, there was a magical moment captured on camera. The anxiety, excitement and beauty of a young woman about to begin the rest of her life with the man of her dreams, now with full trust in her photographer, Clay Blackmore.


Fun and engaging, Clay Blackmore is one of the few “Canon Explorers of Light” and is recognized as one of most influential photographers in the world. Clay has developed this program for those who wish to learn the keys to creating world-class portraits.

• Pose, light and compose for the most dramatic images
• Formulate strategies to capture individuals, couples, groups, men, women, children and brides
• Plan your shoots for success
• Harness the light indoors or outdoors
• Produce consistent results

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