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How Picsera Services Stack Up

A Successful Portrait Photographer Compares Three Outsourcing Editors With the average wedding taking 20-40 hours of post production work, Lieghton DaCosta, a Portrait Photographer based in Miami, decided to start outsourcing seven years ago. Recently he compared Picsera’s post-production, photo editing services with an individual editor and Photographer’s Edit. According to DaCosta, while each outsourcing editor had its pros and cons, Picsera services stacked up well against both the individual editor and Photographer’s Edit. In fact, weighing factors such as cost, turn-around time, and quality, DaCosta concluded that the overall winner is Picsera! “I really enjoy the growing relationship I have with Picsera,” said DaCosta. “Very straightforward pricing, good customer service, and a constantly evolving platform.” To see the image DaCosta chose for this exercise and to read more of his review, check out his post on his blog The Script, available on his website. In addition to the comparison, DaCosta had some sage words of wisdom, regarding outsourcing in general. “The most crucial part of outsourcing, rarely has to do with the actual editor, but mostly with the image supplied TO the editor,” DaCosta said. “The better the image quality, the better job the editor can do.”