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Why Every Photographer Needs to Have a Blog and What You Should Put On It

While blogs were first thought of as almost journal entry type postings for people to post their meandering thoughts and opinions, they’ve actually become an integral part of virtually any business’s digital marketing efforts. If you’re a professional photographer, the question shouldn’t be “if” you should have a blog, but rather “what are the types of things you should have on it?”

Having a blog is crucial for photographers because it’s an easy, convenient, and efficient way to communicate and connect with your current clients, attract new ones, and work as a platform to share your work/advice with the rest of the world! You might take the best pictures — and even use the best photo editing services and photo enhancement services to perfect them — but if you don’t have an outlet to share them, no one will ever know.

That’s why examples of past work are the number one thing all professional photographers should include on their blogs. Think of it as your professional photo album for any prospective customers. If they were to walk into your studio a professional photo album is likely one of the first things you would show them to provide an idea of your style and experience. Why should the experience be any different when it comes to your online presence?

The best part about a blog like this is that it isn’t just a professional photo album. You have the ability to give some backstory and additional information behind the picture. Any interesting/funny stories or anecdotes that might have happened during the photo shoot, background into the people/event in the pictures, and other information that makes you and your business more human to potential customers and entices them to be a part of this experience can be considered great content.

Photographs from professionals have been proven to be more attractive from both the business and personal standpoint. For example, almost 20% more homes sold using DSLR pictures than compared to point-and-shoot in one survey. And for really expensive homes (worth $200,00 to $1 million), listing photos taken with DSLR cameras sold for up to $11,000 more, according to Redfin. Professional photos online are also twice as likely to be shared than those taken by other users, according to the ratings given by people in one study. Attaching a human interest aspect to them only makes them more shareable.

In addition to giving people access to view your professional photo album at any time from anywhere on the planet, blogs can also be useful to photographers in their more traditional written form. Aside from describing pictures, blogs can be a great way to establish a brand and identify yourself as an expert in the industry. By providing do-it-yourself type advice pieces, personal struggles, triumphs, and relevant news on the industry as a whole, you’ll start to cultivate a following of people interested in the field thus increasing your chances of being hired by someone down the road.

Blogs are a great way to brand your business and show off the stuff you’ve done. For photographers they offer a perfect platform to do just that, convincing people to trust you with their photo taking needs along the way.