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3 Reasons Color Correction Services are Crucial

Making a living as a photographer can be an extremely fun and exciting career, but it can also be incredibly difficult for the inexperienced. One thing all photographers know is that taking the picture is only one part of the process. That’s why photo cropping services, photo culling services, and photo editing services for photographers are an important part of the business if you plan on growing and expanding into more than just a part-time gig. That’s where Picsera can help. In addition to the operations already mentioned, one of the things Picsera specializes in are color correction services. Whether a picture needs just a little bit of tweaking or a lot, our team of professionals can help turn any almost-there shot into a true work of art. Color correction services are one of the most crucial components we offer. Here are three reasons why.
  1. Lighting: Every time you take a picture, the lighting is, of course, one of the most important factors. Unfortunately, even the slightest bit of inconsistencies in your camera settings and the environment your shooting can cause the picture to come out sub-par. Often times, this happens because the white balance setting that’s used to take the picture is not the right match for the lighting in the shot. Just as the f-number of the human eye varies from about f/8.3 in brightly lit conditions to about f/2.1 in dark conditions, your camera works in a similar manner. You may have set it for a bright sunny day, which it was, until a cloud came through at just the wrong time. Our team of experts will be able to determine whether your pictures require global color correction services (entire picture) or local color correction services (one part of the image) and make the appropriate changes.
  1. Color Temperature Control: Even when you’re using auto white balance features, you still may end up with the wrong outcome for a particular setting. Color temperature is another facet of color correction services that needs to be accounted for.
  1. White Balance in Portraits: Outdoor lighting is not the only thing that can affect color changes. When it comes to portrait photography, the color/pigment of a person’s skin can have a big impact on the resulting photo. Despite what colloquial terminology may suggest, there are no 100% “white” or “black” people in the world. Where they land in between these spectrum’s will determine the kind of color corrections you may need to make and our team can help you do just that.
Photographers don’t have the luxury of spending countless hours performing tasks like color correction services. This is one area Picsera can help you with and ultimately save you money in the end by allowing you to spend more time shooting and tracking down more business.