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6 Essential Jewelry Marketing Tips to Improve Your Presence Online

The market is shifting. More and more buyers are buying jewelry online, as you can see in this Forbes article. Even if you don’t make a sale through your e-commerce site, you can always encourage potential customers to visit your store in person. Thus, having an online presence it’s not an option, but a necessity.

However, it’s not enough to have a website and just let it sit. If you build it, people will just not land on your website by accident. You have to implement jewelry marketing tactics to attract visitors to your site.

To help you start-up your jewelry marketing plan we compiled a list of tips that can help you get noticed online.

1. Know Your Buyers

To whom does your product appeal? Are your clients young or old? Are you selling to women or men? Is your jewelry high end or is it more affordable? All of these factors will affect the ways in which you market your jewelry.

Understanding your buyers and their reasons for purchasing your work should guide your jewelry marketing strategy. Your clientele should define the social media that you use and the type of posts you create. If you are appealing to a younger crowd then perhaps you are using Instagram instead of Facebook. This is in contrast to a marketing plan for an older generation which visits Facebook on a regular basis. The key is to research your buyers. Know who will buy your jewelry.

2. Be Where Your Buyers Are

Make sure you are advertising in the places where your buyers frequent. Be present at the local bridal show or participate in Facebook groups that discuss your product. Become an expert; you want your clients to start relying on your knowledge and expertise. Be prominent in the right communities. The goal is to build a brand everyone knows. Post regularly on social media. Using a web tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to help you schedule and manage your posts can save you a lot of time.

3. Build your social media presence

In today’s competitive market it’s all about telling your story. Consumers should see you as a person and your product as something that has a personality and a soul. The value of your product comes from the story you create. Engage buyers by using photos, and videos that put a personal side on your product.

Tell stories about the customers who purchase your product. Make it about them and how your jewelry enhances their lives. The trend in marketing today is to build a human story around your product. Take a look at the about page on Gleem and Co. It tells the story of the founder Nikiki Lawrence and why she started the company. The page ends with their mission statement. There’s very little about why you should buy the jewelry but rather what value the jewelry brings to people.

“Gleem was born of these two basic ideas — that the best jewelry should be shared with the world, and that that sharing requires a trusted intermediary to enable buying, selling, discovering and obsessing over it.”

Focus your advertising on appealing to your buyer’s profile. If your buyers are young and hip urban professionals, then make sure your ads target this group. Tell your personal story on Facebook. Let people know that they are buying from a living breathing individual.

Learn how to market using Pinterest and Instagram. You can create beautiful idea boards that inspire people to purchase your jewellery and match it with clothing. Become educated on social media marketing. There are all sorts of courses and blogs out there that can help you learn the ropes.

4. Find ambassadors or be featured in articles

Make connections with others in your industry. Pair up with beading companies, or silver suppliers. The more connections you can make the better. Start to cross market with these companies. Try to form marketing alliances and get featured in their blog articles. Offer them the same type of perks. You can team up with other jewelers and cross-market. The goal is to become the go-to brand for jewelry. Make contact with wedding blogs or dating sites and offer to create guest posts that offer great advice to buyers.

5. Invest in good photography

Finally, one of the most important things you need to focus on is creating beautiful jewelry photos. It’s been proven that one of the keys to a successful e-commerce business is good product photos. Your jewelry marketing strategy must include a plan for creating great jewelry images. The images must convey the value of your jewelry to your buyers. If the ring doesn’t look like it’s worth a $1000 in your photos you are not going to be able to sell it for that price.

The good news is that with some careful planning, basic knowledge , and equipment, you can take solid images of your jewelry. We offer professional photography coaching sessions to train your staff to shoot like a pro, or alternatively, you can just ship your jewelry and we’ll shoot and retouch the images for you. Click here to get a quote >>

6. Take Advantage of Cost Effective Photo Editing Solutions

Don’t worry about investing in expensive and complicated editing programs. Sitting in front of computer polishing your images is time-consuming and can be difficult to learn. Let us help you with the editing of your images. We are an affordable solution that will help you to manage your business and focus on marketing your jewelry.

Bonus Tip: Use the power of referrals to grow your business! This can be easily done with a referral marketing software.

Just like any other business out there you have to consciously market and plan strategies to sell your jewelry. Use our tips to help you plan your strategy. Build a story around your brand. Be present on social media. Offer coupons offer fashion advice; tell stories that will appeal to your buyers. In today’s competitive market it’s about standing out from the crowd. Be creative in how you promote your work.

If you have any other ideas, you’d like to share with others, by all means, leave some suggestions in the comments below. We’d love to hear your tips for marketing jewelry.

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