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Best eCommerce and Photography News of the Week

Another Friday, another great roundup of news curated for our e-commerce and photography readers….enjoy!

The Death of Organic Search (As We Know It)?

This very interesting article intrigues us with the question: how is organic search going to change with advancements in machine learning, AI, personal assistants, and voice search? Will ranking on the first page of Google become obsolete? Voice search allows users to shop without even browsing through listings, and Google is also reducing the organic real estate available on search results. Read more>>

Seven Mistakes Photographers Make

“No, this video isn’t about choosing the wrong aperture or going overboard with your frequency separation.” This video will is about the not so technical stuff that we many times forget. Watch the video>>

Using Product Content to Boost Conversions

We all know that good product photos help increase conversions, but what else can you do to increase your sales? This article illustrates examples of how other renowned businesses are using other techniques such as video and social feeds to drive conversions. Read more>>

An Interesting Perspective on Why Gear Matters

This is a common debate within the photography community: does gear really matter? With advancements in camera phones, and all-in-one gear alternatives, many think that it doesn’t matter as much as before. This video will shine a new light on this debate. Learn more >>

Hope you liked our week roundup! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking to increase the quality of your photos with professional editing. Get a photo editing quote here >>>