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eCommerce & Photography News in June

Another month has come to an end. We say goodbye to June with a recap of the latest news in the e-commerce and photography world. Let’s get started…

4 Innovative and Trendy Ecommerce Apparel Stores Offering Something New

This article explores innovations apparel companies can use to differentiate from the competition and convert more visitors into customers. One of them is the “try at home and return what you don’t like” idea Amazon started implementing with the Amazon Prime Wardrobe program. Another idea is to use 3D measuring to achieve the perfect fit. Crisp Clothing is already taking the lead on this new technology. Find out what other apparel companies are doing >>>

10 Tips for Better Product Category Pages in 2017

Effective category pages can help your visitors find what they’re looking for faster, resulting in higher conversions for you e-commerce store. Also, they contribute to a good shopping experience, encouraging the customer to come back to shop again. Discover how to optimize your product categories with these 10 tips>>

How To Photograph And Composite a Commercial Beverage Image In Photoshop

Watch this useful video where an award winner commercial photographer walks us through the steps to shoot and edit a beverage for advertising purposes. Many of the techniques in this video can actually be used for a variety of other products. Watch the video here >>

US Lacks Enough Warehouses to Support eCommerce Growth

We all know e-commerce is booming and many brick and mortar stores are closing by the hundreds. Have you thought of all the repercussions this new trend can bring? Let’s start with the main issue: warehouse space. Where are e-commerce sotres going to store hundreds of products without space? Learn more about the warehouse issue here >>