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How to Optimize Ecommerce Product Pages for Higher Conversions

An ecommerce product page is a canvas of potential conversions depending on how you “paint” it. That seemingly small page offers a myriad of clever optimizations to get customers to push the “add to cart” button. Use these examples as a check list against your existing product page to make sure you are making use of every opportunity to convert. If you are setting up your first ecommerce site, these tips can help you shape an ideal ecommerce product page.

1. Have an SEO -friendly url

Your potential customer is typing in their keywords into the search engine, looking for a match for their desired purchase. The SERPs (Search engine Results Page) will list the top matches and the potential customer will start to make their choice. They are going to click on the URL that clearly states the product offering or service. If it’s just a string of SEO keywords –it might have gotten you a high ranking but it might not get the customers click. Your SEO friendly URL is the first impression of your ecommerce product page and if you do not optimize it to speak to your targets needs, you will be impeding your CTR (click-through-rate). A user wants to have an idea of where they will be landing once they click on your link.

2. Use Headlines that Benefit the User

“If you use a poor headline, it does not matter how hard you labor over your copy because your copy will not be read.” John Caples A potential customer wants to arrive at your site and immediately see the benefits for buying your product. They want the benefits first and the features later. Your product headline should powerfully grab their attention and compel them to journey further into the funnel. Your product title must be relevant, concise, clever and express your complete message – all in 65 characters (or less!) You want a title that is impossible to ignore. It is usually the hardest thing to come up with and could have your copywriter tearing their hair out, but when you hit the right line –it will affect your bottom line. More than five times as many people read the headline as the rest of the body copy, according to David Ogilvy. It’s said only 6 in 10 people read past the headline at all.

3. Have a Clear Unique Value Proposition

Do you have a unique value proposition (UVP) which highlights the key benefit you offer with your product? How are you different to your competition? What can a potential customer expect to get from your exceptional product? If you can’t simply and quickly tell them what they are going to receive in the first 5-10 seconds, they will be long gone and pushing the “add to cart” button on your competition’s site. Get really specific about what your product is going to do for the customer. What is your “one of a kind” offering? Your copy that describes your product must have the right balance between SEO text and a brilliant digital storytelling technique. Stories have a way of sticking in the minds and hearts of consumers thanks to a process known as neural coupling. Our brains light up when we hear stories. We get emotionally connected, mirror the story teller as if the events are happening to ourselves and our brains produce oxytocin (trust hormone) that gives us a feeling of generosity towards the teller. Dr. Paul Zak (Neuroeconomist) says, “What we’ve found is that once we see a personal resonance in the brain, there is very likely to be an action following that story.” You want that action to be pushing the purchase button. But you must learn to be able to tell a captivating story about your product without using a lot of text. We’re talking minimalist copy. Whatever you do don’t ever copy and paste a boring website long form product description. You want to activate the visitor’s imagination, not put them to sleep.

4. Invest in Good Product Photography

I can’t stress this point enough –we are visual creatures. That is why you do not see any successful sites that only use text. The online language is the visual image. When we hear information we’ll only remember 10% of it three days later whereas if that info is coupled with a relevant image we retain 65% of the info. And while we’re talking stats, when you use visual elements into your content it will receive 94 percent more views. I know I don’t have to convince you about the power of the visual image. However, you can’t just use any image. They have got to be high resolution images of the highest quality. We spend so much time online, we can tell a low grade image instantly. You want your product image to really pop. You want it to jump out from the page – so start by removing all distractions at the start of the buying funnel. Your product image must take pride of place above the fold without any other elements that are going to pull their attention away from the imminent purchase. Your product must be photographed from several angles and offer zoom capabilities so customers can really get an in-depth look at your offering. If you have 360 footage of your product, that will further optimize the customer’s experience. Make sure the image size allows for customers to see the details of your offer so there are no surprises when their purchase arrives at their doorstep. If you want to see higher conversions, your images must be professional. Businesses are going to great lengths to ensure that their images result in conversions. Ecommerce sites are investing in having their product images retouched, cropped, resized as well as having backgrounds removed, mannequins made invisible and employing a wide range of color services. If you want your product page to stand out as exceptional –you have to invest in the photographic techniques that bring conversion results. When you also photograph your product in context you will see a surge in conversions as well. Context product photographs offer the perfect opportunity for cross-sell and upsell options. If a picture shows the necklace as well as the bracelet and ring options that could go along with the purchase – you are going to see rewards at checkout. While we are talking visuals –the KPCB internet trends report shows that 2017 marks the year that video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic. If you are able to add video to your product pages you will definitely see a jump in your conversions.

5. Create Trust

Does your product page show enough trust signals? These can take the form of symbols at the bottom of the page that show that your site is secure and virus free, that you belong to reputable organizations, security seals, your shipping costs and arrival times, wish list options and interactive customer reviews and ratings. All of these will give your visitor a sense that you are a legit business able to meet their expectations.

Fast Features

• Make sure you have a live chat function so that all questions can be answered immediately. This provides an additional layer of trustworthiness. • Your ecommerce site must be mobile optimized. • Have a FAQ section to answer any questions that might come up or have come up before. • Make sure your ADD TO CART button is a contrasting color to the site background. While orange and green buttons have had large success rates –always A/B test to find the right color for your product page. It must be easy to read and see. • Offer product recommendation to upsell and cross sell products with the “people who bought this item also bought…” • Always A/B test your product page to see what elements are converting. Keep working on your site so it’s optimized using the latest trends. • Make sure your page download speed is fast. So don’t go too heavy on design elements. • Have color and size option functions. • Make sure you have your social share buttons on all of your product pages. • Your prices must be clearly visible and easy to read. • Have an enticing CTA button. Not just “Buy Now” but wording that encourages a click.

Are you looking at your ecommerce product page with renewed vigor? Can you see the potential for optimization? If you would like to overhaul the visual elements of your product page we can work wonders for you with our product photography and/or editing solutions. Contact us so we can show you the photographic potential of your ecommerce product page.