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Why and When to Outsource Product Photo Editing

This answer was originally written in response to a Quora question

If you’re asking this question, I’m guessing you’re a pro photographer or e-commerce business. I’m going to answer this question from a business perspective since it applies for photographers and e-commerce businesses.

Why you should outsource photo editing if you’re an e-commerce business:

  1. Editing photos is not an easy task. You have to invest time learning Photoshop and trying to figure out how to use multiple tools. Even when you somewhat learn how to edit a photo, your editing may take longer and not be as good as the work from a professional editor.In addition, if you’re selling a product that is difficult to edit such as, jewelry or other reflective products, you’re going to need a pro to really do your images justice.
  2. It takes too much time away from running your business. If you’re not a pro, removing the background of a batch of images (one of the most common edits) can take several hours- and that’s just the beginning.After background removal, you’ll have to color correct and retouch. Instead, you can pay a company like a couple of dollars per image to get it done! Your time is worth more than that.
  3. A professional company can offer you higher consistency and higher turnaround times. Consistency is a a very big deal. It can help your brand look unified and professional if you have it, and disorganized if you don’t. With a pro photo editing company, you’ll be able to get a higher level of consistency that it will likely not be achieved by a non-pro.Also, with a pro company, you can get your edited photos as fast as 24hrs! For example, at, you can send your photos today and have them ready by next morning.

When is the right time to outsource photo editing?

Honestly, today. With such affordable pricing and convenience, you’ll be better off sending your photos to get edited than wasting time doing it on your own.

Just make sure the company that you choose is available and responsive when you need it. You want a team that understands your requirements and is able to deliver consistent image editing time and time again. This is one of the top reasons businesses prefer Picsera.

Hope this answer was helpful! Click on Start Here to get a quote for your next edit!