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What Does the Future Hold for Ecommerce and Photography?

In this week’s roundup, we’ll discuss about some new technology and what it can represent for businesses worldwide.

Mobile Fraud, a Blind Spot for Ecommerce Merchants

Mobile user experience has become one of the primary focuses in the last couple of years. So much so, that if your website is not mobile friendly, Google will penalize you by decreasing your online ranking. The issue is that with so much attention in factors such as user experience, we have forgotten about important details like mobile security. As the article states, “Behaviors that are used as flags to aid fraud prevention for desktops may not fully be applicable for the mobile experience. Ninety percent of merchants are reported to use the same fraud prevention tools across channels. This may be creating a major blind spot that could allow mobile ecommerce fraud to thrive if left unchecked.”

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Scientists have found a way to photograph people in 3D through walls using Wi-Fi

Ok, this article is more of a fun article. You may not be able to use this information to increase sales or improve your photography. but the story was so surprising,we couldn’t pass on it. The secret behind this idea is Wifi. As it travels through a room and bounces off objects, it can help create shapes which in turn can create images. As one of the creators, Philipp Holl, stated: “It can basically scan a room with someone’s Wi-Fi transmission,” He’s a 23-year-old undergraduate physics student at the Technical University of Munich. He told Business Insider the device was part of a thesis, but was later submitted as a study.

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Google Assistant will make money from e-commerce

First came Siri, now we have Google Home and Alexa from Amazon. Voice assistants are becoming increasingly popular. Although useful, this new trend can bring good and bad consequences to businesses. One of the new changes we may start noticing is having ads in Google home assistant. Alike other paid ads from Google, assistant ads will help people find what they’re looking for, just through voice.

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